The Boss is Gone

It’s the third time I’ve been at one of my favorite watering holes and the owner is not around.  Funny how service can drop when the boss is out of the office.  What’s up with that? It wasn’t always this way. This time a year ago, the owner would be out and service would still be great…sometimes even better.

What happened?  Two observations.

  • New staff: The people who worked here last year have moved on. One’s working at a restaurant in a higher end part of town.  One’s in jail. One’s a scientist in Oak Ridge (or at least that’s what I’m told).
  • No passion: The people who work there, don’t want to be there.  All except two people fall under this category.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone is a friendly person who works there, they just don’t enjoy what they’re doing.

Sharing this story with a friend of mine caused him to make the following comment:

This always happens at any job.  Right?”


Time to brag about my co-workers.  A few weeks ago, one of the managers took a week long vacation.  While she was gone, her team did an excellent job.  It was one of their most successful weeks all year.  In fact, they outperformed our other locations!

Her staff could have used her vacation as an excuse to not perform, but that’s not how they roll.  Instead, they have passion for what they do.  They took ownership of their duties and felt responsible for the success of their location.

I’m very happy to say that out of these two examples, I work with the successful group.  Now if the bartender would just bring me my drink.


Happy Birthday

I enjoy my relationship with my sisters, Jamey and Athena, but the two of them have always had a strong bond.  This became clearly obvious when watching Jamey prepare for Athena’s 30th Surprise Birthday Party.  Jamey did a fantastic job putting together this party!  She contacted the restaurant, purchased all the decorations and invited Athena’s closes friends.

As I was helping her decorate the location, I realized I didn’t know Athena liked owls.  I didn’t know any of her close friends.  In fact the only thing I knew was that Athena loved the restaurant we were having the party.

I’m very proud of my sisters and am happy for their close relationship.  It just made me realize I need to get to know my sisters better.

Here is a little video tribute of Athena’s party.

The Grass is Aways Greener…

Grass is always greenerMy wife and I have been in our new home for about two months. While mowing our new lawn last week, I started thinking about one of our neighbors at the last house we rented. He was a retired engineer and his yard was the best I had ever seen! It wasn’t a big yard, but everything looked great. From the stonework, to the wooden fence, to his perfectly mowed lawn, he truly put all his heart into his yard.

This motivated me to keep our lawn in check and inspired me to do minor upgrades in the front yard. Would I have done these improvements without the external motivation of my neighbor? Yes, but I would not have rushed each project.

It is funny how external motivators can bring out the best in people.  I have always enjoyed a spirited rivalry and over the years have learned to not take it personally.  It has helped me grow as a person and motivated me professionally.

  • Growing up, my sister Athena and I always competed to see who got the better report card.  Most times, she won, but it pushed me to perform better at school, which lead to college and my Business Marketing Degree.
  • While in High School, I worked at a local McDonald’s and competed with others to earn a promotion to crew trainer.  Was this a Big Win in my life?  Not necessarily.  The pay was barely higher and the hours stayed the same; however it gave me a desire to work hard. Now as a H.R. and Marketing Director, I continue to be a “crew trainer,” just for a different company.

Enough blogging, time to get out the weed eater.

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