Marketing Campaigns: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

A few weeks ago I met with a business acquaintance for a cup of coffee.  While talking, we stared brainstorming and drafting a marketing campaign.   Our overall focus was around three components: vision, passion and execution.  When thinking about each stage, I couldn’t help but be reminded of The Wizard of Oz.  Growing up, my elementary school made us watch this every year, so the characters are deeply embedded in my mind.  In fact, it’s one of only a handful of musicals I enjoy watching.  With that in mind, here are three fun comparisons.

Vision: The ScareScarecrowcrow
Vision requires a sense of understanding.  What do you want to accomplish?  How do you want it accomplished?  In other words, use your brain.  Throughout the movie, the Scarecrow’s key objective was to get a brain.  That was his goal, he had a vision of how different his life would be with a brain.  Little did the Scarecrow realize that he came up with several great ideas throughout the entire journey.

Tin ManPassion: The Tin Man
The best planning in the world means nothing without “heart.”  Passion is what truly keeps any marketing campaign alive and pumping.  Without passion, the most creative campaign will fall flat and be a major disaster.  The Tin Man may not have had a physical heart, but he had the mentality of a compassionate person.  His dedication and passion to the team and the goals of reaching the Emerald City is truly unique.

Execution: The Lion
Moving a campaign from paper to live action isn’t easy.  Face it, not everyone will like the plan and not everyone will like the campaign.  There will be questions from people and possibly doubts from co-workers.  Executing a well thought out marketing campaign requires a strong level of self-confidence and courage.  If someone who presents a marketing campaign shows no self-confidence or courage, how can they convince others that the campaign will work?  When we first meet The Lion, he was a coward.  He had no self-confidence and is a broken animal.  His self-confidence grows throughout the story and he becomes an individual with great courage.

Following these three steps may not immediately make someone a marketing wizard, but it is a start down a successful road.

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