Same Sh*t Different Day

We’ve all heard this phrase at least once in our lifetime.  We’ve all known someone who really says it and really believes it.

Recently, I’ve noticed it has bled over into social media.  While checking Twitter one morning, I noticed someone tweeted it.

Same Shit Different Day

It’s a shame that people look at the world this way. Why people choose to see life as a constant pile of feces blows me away.

Regardless of where you live, there is always something different you can add to your life.  There are simple changes people can make in their day to day activities that will remove the manure from their lives.  Here are three simple examples.

  • Make “doing something new” a habit.  Set a goal to do something different everyday.  It does not have to be something as epic as sky diving, but can be something as simple as starting a conversation with a coworker to which you rarely (or never) speak.  By doing something new, you may learn something and actually have fun doing it.
  • Find something new in your day.  When my wife and I return home from work, we ask each other “How was your day?”  Both of us say at least one new, positive thing that occurred that day.  I’ll admit, some days are harder than others, but it’s worth it.  It not only makes me feel good to share something positive, but it is great to hear my wife share her positive experiences.
  • Show gratitude.   Thank at least one person who has helped you during the day.  It could be a coworker, a customer, family member, or a stranger.  Showing gratitude can help you mentally get people out of a mental rut.

We are not guaranteed another day of life.  Each day is a gift.  If someone chooses to see life as regular routine of crap, then they are choosing to throw a great gift away.  I prefer to see life as an opportunity.  An opportunity to learn, grow and appreciate those around me.


BBQ Session

Last month a group of my friends and I were exposed to the world of competitive BBQ.  John Bublitz from QueNivorous took us under his wing to teach us the way of Brisket, Ribs, and all things BBQ.

We started around 7am and kept the fun going all day.  Around 2pm, some more friends came by and played some great blues and rock.  Click on this photo link for pictures from the event.  Here is a slideshow highlighting the event.

BBQ Adventure

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