The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous

Maybe it’s all the Mad Men I’ve been watching. Whatever the case, April’s Beer of the month is Schlitz.

When I first moved to Knoxville, there was only one place in town I could find Schlitz. It was at a Kroger across town in East Knoxville. Fortunately in the past few years, more places have started carrying The Beer that Made Milwaukee Famous, including a Food City right down the road from my house and a new restaurant conveniently located by my office.

That’s right, Knoxville is Going for the Gusto and bringing back a great classic.

Not to be confused with its Malt Liquor siblings, Schlitz Beer has been around since the mid 1800’s and was one time the top-selling beer in the U.S.

I drank my first Schlitz while living in Chattanooga.  My good friend Jeremy Henderson first discovered that one of the local grocery stores carried the historic brew.  During this time, the reason to get Schlitz was for the nostalgic feeling.  The taste was inconsistent.  In fact, that was one of the reasons my friend Henderson enjoyed the beer.  He felt like he was playing beer roulette every time we bought a 12 pack.  We always enjoyed the taste, but it was hard to convince others to join in on the Schlitz fun.

Then came 2008.

Schlitz recommitted itself to taste by going back to the classic 1960’s formula.  This commitment to change was more than just a marketing campaign, Schlitz met with old brewmasters and were able to recreate the formula.  With just a kiss of the hops, Schlitz now has a great taste that goes down smooth.

So if you haven’t ever had a Schlitz, or haven’t had one in a long time, go for the gusto and find out why Schlitz is the beer that made Milwaukee famous!


Man Up on The Shelf

Earlier in the month, MillerCoors decided to call in an old standby in regard to branding Miller Lite.  Miller Time, which was introduced back in 1971, will be relaunched later this year. This decision was made in hopes of increasing sales which, as of late, have been an issue with this light beer.

Miller Time is not only one of the most memorable taglines in the beer industry, it is actually one of the most memorable in advertising in general.  Though the brewer has been on a start-stop with this catchphrase, has it ever really gone away?

Think about it.  Just about anybody you know with the first or last name of Miller certainly makes sure to mention this phrase…especially over a few beers.  The tagline itself has been applied to more than just the “Triple Hops Brewed®” beer.

  • Sports commentators around the US shouted “Miller Time” back when NBA Superstar Reggie Miller would light up the basketball court with his wild jump shots.
  • Comedian Dennis Miller has a segment on The O’Reilly Factor called Miller Time
  • Countless movies, including The Kentucky Fried Movie, paid homage to Miller Time by either referencing or spoofing it.

What other tagline in the beer industry has that much strength?  The only one that is remotely close is “This Bud’s for you” and that one does not have the pop culture strength of Miller Time.

As previously mentioned, the advertising revival of Miller Time, is part of the overall goal to increase sales.  Other than the “Man Up” campaign, Miller Light’s advertising has been more fact based than emotional based.  The emphasis on how the beer is made, the recent beer awards won and their vortex bottles have all been the focus of several advertisements.

But does fact based advertising work?  Apparently not with Miller Light.  I have two friends that are raving fans of Miller Light.  Neither one of them drinks the beer for the fact based reasons.

That is why I’m happy to see they are shifting back to a more emotional based campaign.  I really hope it works out for Miller Light.  Now where’s my beer?

Lord Chesterfield

Recently, friends and acquaintances have asked for my opinion when it comes to beer.  With that in mind, I have decided to craft a monthly post dedicated to brews that hit the spot.  This month’s brew: Lord Chesterfield Ale.

March seems like a great month for Lord Chesterfield Ale.  This American Pale Ale is balanced enough to pair with crisp windy weather and is a great way to quench a heavy thirst during warm spring days.

Back Story

Lord Chesterfield Ale is a pale ale beer produced by Yuengling.  This ale is one of Yuengling’s oldest beers and production was started back in 1829.  Lord Chesterfield has gained so much popularity that it has its own social club: The Chesterfield Society.


The bite this beer carries is fit for royalty.  It has a true “Pale Ale” bite that grabs your taste buds with the first sip you take.  Lord Chesterfield’s taste is versatile, which makes it a classy choice when dining at an upscale steak house or a great selection to have with buffalo wings.  In fact, the only limitation I have come across with Lord Chesterfield has been with Italian dinners.

Locally, Lord Chesterfield Ale is distributed by Eagle Distributing Company (@EagleDist) and can usually be found in places that carry other Yuengling beers.

Lord Chesterfield himself can be found on Twitter (@LrdChesterfield) and his knowledgeable advice can be found on youtube.

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