Say What?!? 5 Things NOT to Say Around H.R.

In addition to being a Marketing Director, I also have the responsibility of handling Human Resources. At the last H.R conference I attended, there were some crazy stories shared. Here are five samples. Hope you enjoy.

  1. I’m aggressively looking for a new job
    What motivated this? A misunderstanding with a fellow co-worker. If you are upset with someone, step up and communicate to them. Sounds simple right? Sadly, some people prefer the passive aggressive way.
  2. Everything’s okay (with uncontrollable sobs)
    It is okay to vent to your Human Resources Department. Don’t get me wrong, we are NOT therapist, but we can be a sympathetic ear. We all have bad days and venting your frustration is a great way of getting over it.  What’s sad is when people try to convince H.R. (or even worse themselves) by saying everything is fine while gasping for air and crying a river. It’s especially bad if you combine this with number 1.
  3. Negative Gossiping
    If you think you have heard a lot of gossip, try working in Human Resources.  If we all believed everything we heard about our fellow coworkers, then we would all be working at the most exciting places in the world. Work would be the best drama on television. Bigger than Jersey Shore and more dramatic than Pro Wrestling.
  4. Overly describing “Last Night”
    “I had a few too many last night…” if it ended there, it would be okay. “Wow, I am sooo tired from last night…” again, not a big deal by itself. If you had a fun night, share all the details with your friends, not with H.R. Better yet, just don’t share ALL the details in general.
  5. Outright Lying
    This one blows my mind. What’s the point in senseless lying? Why lie about something that you know will be exposed in a matter of hours? Some people never learn.

Should someone be fired for any of these items? Not necessarily. We are all human and during a moment of weakness we may do one of these things. People can always be coached and, if they listen, they have the opportunity to learn how to improve.

Trust me, everything is fine…just hand me another Kleenex!

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