Manning’s Business Decision

Manning Elway DenverLiving in Tennessee and being a football fan, of course, I have an opinion of Peyton Manning’s recent career decision. But instead of laying out my thoughts and opinions, let’s consider the business decision this Manning made.

  • Increase Market Share (Moving to Denver): By accepting the position in Denver, the Manning Family can now add another franchise/city to their list. The Manning Family is loved in New Orleans, New York, Tennessee, and Indianapolis. If Peyton would have chosen Tennessee, he would have increased The Titans’ fan base, but would not have increased his fan base. In addition to that, hardcore Colts fans would have turned their backs on Manning if he would have signed with a division rival; thus decreasing his personal fan base.
  • Overshadowed by Expectations (Not choosing The Titans): In addition to losing the love of die-hard Colts fans, think about the pressure to perform in Tennessee. Bud Adams literally offered the company to Peyton and UT fans have been waiting for “their favorite quarterback” to return to Tennessee. With all due respect to Peyton, how many Super Bowls has he won? One in 14 seasons. Let’s take it a step further.  How many National Championships did he win when he played in Tennessee?  None.  Based on those statistics, do you think he would win a Superbowl for Tennessee in his first year? Second year?  No offense, but Peyton + Tennessee doesn’t always equal Championship.
  • Conflict of Interest (Not going to the NFC): What writes a better story; two brothers fighting it out in the Super Bowl or two brothers fighting it out in the NFC Playoffs?  Having a Manning vs. Manning NFC Championship does have an interesting sound to it, but Manning vs. Manning in the Super Bowl definitely adds some excitement.
  • Mentor (working with John Elway): If you’re a traditional throwing quarterback, wouldn’t you love the opportunity to learn from John Elway?  ‘Nuff said.

The decision has been made.  Now who’s ready for some football?

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